Adsterra Network: A Comprehensive Guide for Advertisers


Adsterra Network is a leading digital advertising platform that connects advertisers and publishers around the world. With a wide range of ad formats including display, native, pop-under and more, Adsterra allows advertisers to reach their target audience effectively. Its easy-to-use platform offers advanced targeting options, real-time statistics, and detailed analytics to optimize campaign performance. Adsterra has an extensive network of publishers, ensuring that advertisers’ content reaches a global audience. Whether you are looking to increase website traffic, generate leads, or promote products, Adsterra offers versatile solutions. With a reputation for high-quality traffic and strict security measures, Adsterra Network remains a reliable choice in the digital advertising industry.

About Adsterra Network :

Adsterra Network is an online advertising platform and ad network that connects advertisers and publishers to facilitate digital advertising campaigns. Established in 2013, Adsterra has become a prominent player in the digital marketing industry. It offers a wide range of advertising solutions, including display ads, pop-ups, push notifications, native ads, and more, catering to various formats and niches.

Adsterra offers advertisers advanced targeting options to reach their desired audience effectively. They also offer performance-based pricing models, such as cost per action (CPA), cost per click (CPC), and cost per thousand (CPM), which allow advertisers to optimize their ad spend.

For publishers, Adsterra offers the opportunity to monetize their websites, apps or other digital assets by displaying ads from Adsterra advertisers. The network provides timely payments, real-time statistics, and an easy-to-use platform to manage and track ad performance.

Overall, Adsterra Network is a versatile platform that enables effective online advertising and monetization strategies for both advertisers and publishers in the digital marketing ecosystem.

Adsterra Network Setup :

Setting up the Adsterra network for advertising or publishing involves several steps. Adsterra is an advertising network that allows advertisers to promote their products or services and publishers to monetize their websites or applications by displaying ads. Here’s an overview of how to set up Adsterra:

  1. Sign up for an Adsterra account:
    • Go to the Adsterra website (
    • Click on the “Sign Up” or “Register” button.
    • Fill in the required information including your email address, password and other details.
    • Accept the terms and conditions, and complete the registration process.
  2. Verification:
    • Adsterra may ask you to verify your identity before using its platform. This may involve providing identification documents or other information.
  3. Login to your Adsterra account:
    • After registration and verification, log in to your Adsterra account using your email and password.
  4. Choose your role:
    • Adsterra allows you to choose if you want to be an advertiser or a publisher. Select the right role based on your goals.
  5. Set up payment method (advertiser):
    • If you are an advertiser, you must configure your payment method. Adsterra offers several payment options such as credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.
  6. Create an Advertising Campaign (Advertiser):
    • Once your payment method is configured, you can create your advertising campaign. This involves setting your campaign goals, budget, targeting options, and ad creatives.
  7. Submit your campaign (advertiser):
    • After creating your campaign, submit it for review. Adsterra will review your campaign to make sure it complies with their policies.
  8. Monetize your website or app (publisher):
    • If you are a publisher, you can add your website or app to the Adsterra platform for monetization.
    • Create ad zones and implement the ad code provided by Adsterra on your website or app.
  9. Ad code integration (publisher):
    • Adsterra will provide you with ad tags or code snippets to insert into the HTML of your website or app. These tags display ads from the Adsterra network.
  10. Monitor and optimize:
    • Keep an eye on the performance of your campaigns (for advertisers) or the performance of your website/app (for publishers).
    • Optimize your campaigns or ad placements based on performance data.
  11. Receive payments (publisher):
    • As a publisher, you will start earning revenue from ads displayed on your website or app. Adsterra typically pays on a net 15 or net 30 basis, depending on the payment method chosen.
  12. Compliance with Adsterra Policies:
    • Make sure your ads (for advertisers) or website/app content (for publishers) comply with Adsterra policies to avoid account suspension or termination.
  13. Support and assistance:
    • If you have any problems or questions, please contact Adsterra customer service for help.

Please remember that specific details and steps may vary depending on whether you are an advertiser or publisher, and Adsterra’s policies and features may change over time. It is essential to consult Adsterra’s official documentation and support resources for the most up-to-date information and guidance.

Types of Adsterra Network :

Adsterra is a digital advertising network that offers various types of advertising solutions for both advertisers and publishers. These are some of the types of offers on the Adsterra network:

  1. Push Notifications: Adsterra allows advertisers to create advertising campaigns with push notifications. These are small messages that appear on users’ screens, typically on mobile or desktop devices, even when they are not actively browsing a website or app.
  2. Native Ads: Native ads blend seamlessly with the content of the website or app where they are displayed. Adsterra offers native advertising options for advertisers looking to promote their products or services in a less intrusive way.
  3. Pop-unders: Pop-unders are ads that open in a new browser window behind the current window. They are less intrusive than traditional pop-ups and can be an effective way to grab a user’s attention.
  4. Display Banners: Adsterra provides standard display banner advertising options. Advertisers can create and display image or HTML5 banners on websites within the Adsterra network.
  5. Video Ads: Video advertising is a popular format and Adsterra offers video advertising solutions. These may include in-stream video ads that play before, during or after online video content.
  6. Social Bar: Social bars are a type of floating toolbar that can be added to a website. Adsterra offers social bar ads that can be used to promote social media profiles or other content.
  7. Direct Link – Adsterra’s direct link option allows advertisers to promote offers without the need for a landing page. This can be a useful option for affiliate marketers.
  8. Interstitial Ads: Interstitial ads are full-screen ads that appear between pages of content, often during transitions. They can be very attractive, but they should be used with caution to avoid disturbing users.
  9. In-Page Push: In-Page Push is a format that combines the elements of push notifications and native ads. They appear as native notifications within the web page.
  10. Cost Per Action (CPA) Marketing:: Adsterra offers CPA marketing campaigns, where advertisers pay for specific actions, such as registrations, downloads or sales, instead of just impressions or clicks.
  11. Cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand (CPM): Adsterra offers traditional CPC and CPM advertising models, where advertisers can bid on clicks or impressions.
  12. Anti-ad blocking solution: Adsterra also offers an anti-ad blocking solution to help publishers monetize their content even if users have ad blockers enabled.

Adsterra Network Advertisers & Publishers

Adsterra is an online advertising network that connects advertisers with publishers to help them promote their products or services and monetize their websites or apps. Here’s an overview of how Adsterra Network works for both advertisers and publishers:

For Advertisers:

  1. Ad Campaign Creation: Advertisers can create various types of ad campaigns, including display ads, pop-unders, push notifications, and more, depending on their marketing goals.
  2. Targeting Options: Advertisers can choose specific targeting options to reach their desired audience, such as geographical location, device type, operating system, demographics, and more.
  3. Budget Control: Advertisers can set daily or total campaign budgets to manage their ad spend effectively.
  4. Payment Models: Adsterra offers various payment models, including CPM (Cost Per Mille), CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action), and CPL (Cost Per Lead), allowing advertisers to choose the most suitable model for their goals.
  5. Tracking and Analytics: Advertisers have access to real-time analytics and reporting tools to monitor the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions.
  6. Fraud Protection: Adsterra employs fraud detection mechanisms to ensure the quality of traffic and protect advertisers from fraudulent activity.

For Publishers:

  1. Monetization Options: Publishers can monetize their websites, blogs, or apps by displaying ads from Adsterra on their platforms.
  2. Ad Formats: Adsterra offers various ad formats, such as display banners, pop-unders, direct links, push notifications, and more, allowing publishers to choose the most suitable format for their audience.
  3. Payment Models: Publishers can earn revenue through various payment models, including CPM, CPA, CPL, and revenue share, depending on the type of ads they display and the advertiser’s goals.
  4. Payments: Adsterra typically pays publishers on a NET15 basis, meaning they receive payments every 15 days, provided they meet the minimum payout threshold.
  5. Support and Optimization: Adsterra provides support and optimization tips to help publishers maximize their ad revenue.
  6. Ad Quality: Adsterra ensures the quality of ads to maintain a positive user experience on the publisher’s platform.

Please note that the specific features, policies, and payment terms may vary, so it’s essential to visit Adsterra’s official website or contact their support team for the most up-to-date information and to understand how their network can benefit your advertising or publishing needs. Additionally, the landscape of online advertising networks can change, so it’s advisable to stay informed about industry trends and developments.

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